These days, you can learn and order just about anything on the internet. But would you go as far as ordering your braces online? Some would.  There’s a new trend going on which involves websites that claim to help straighten your teeth without ever stepping foot in an orthodontists’ office…bad idea.

These companies have no affiliation with established orthodontics groups and usually ask the patient to take an impression of their own teeth using putty and tray. Once you mail your impressions over, a dentist reportedly examines them and creates a treatment plan using their 3D software.  Then a series of clear aligners are made and sent to the patient.  The patient wears these aligners hoping that their teeth will move to their desired positions.

Even though the initial cost of these types of treatments may be less than visiting an Orthodontist, the long-term impact can adversely affect your health and your wallet.  Here’s why:

Health hazards: In most cases if you have cavities, gingivitis or other oral health problems, an Orthodontist will refer you to a dentist to get those corrected prior to beginning treatment. These issues are not detected when you send your impressions to an online company. All they see is the 3D model of your teeth.

No information about the patient: When you are seen by an orthodontist, they will ask questions about your medical and family history, followed by an X-Ray and thorough exam. Only then will the orthodontist will be able to tell if you are a candidate for treatment. For example, if your bones and jaw structures look like they won’t align properly with braces, an orthodontist may suggest an alternate form of treatment first. None of this information is available to the online providers.

No frequent checkups: During your course of treatment with an Orthodontist, you are required to make regular checkup visits to ensure that the treatment plan is going as it should. The lack of checkups with online providers could cause an issue to go unnoticed, which could lead to potential harm in the long run as well as additional costs.

So, in conclusion, it’s not worth your health, time or money to buy orthodontic treatment from an online provider. If you’re seeking a Frisco, McKinney or Allen Orthodontist, choose a specialist at Orthodontic Select. You can rest easy knowing that everything is in good hands.

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It’s time to make the right call and seek an orthodontist that is truly a specialist in their field and has the best interest of you and your child in mind.  The independent doctors who have been certified as specialists by Orthodontist Select are here to offer you high quality treatment for a lasting, beautiful smile.  They offer complimentary consultations with no referral required at any of their locations. Orthodontist Select certified practices treat families in the Frisco, McKinney, Allen and surrounding neighborhoods.

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