Orthodontic treatment is very important for your child’s development, including his or her oral health, self-esteem and even their ability to speak clearly.  In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that children get their first orthodontic consultation at the age of seven. This early consultation with the Orthodontists at Orthodontist Select will ensure that your child gets the following developmental advantages:

  1. Braces can build self-esteem in your child.  Through early correction, treatment can last as fast as 15 months, and once it is complete, children often score higher on standard markings for social and emotional well-being. If your child requires more correction later, children who have had early treatment may not be required to wear braces for as long as if they did not have early corrective treatment.
  2. Early correction can improve the development of the jaw.  This could result in better facial development and less risk of speech impairments.
  3. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean. When teeth are crooked or crowded, the chances for decay and gum disease increases. Also if your child needs fillings or crowns later in life, it is much easier for dentists to work on teeth that are straight.
  4. Straight teeth are more efficient when your child eats. Believe it or not, children with crooked or misaligned teeth can have trouble chewing and absorbing the nutrients in food. This could result in some physical or mental development issues later in life. Plus, children who have had corrective treatment are less prone to thumb sucking.
  5. Protruding front teeth are prone to injury. Because of the rate at which children develop, correcting over and under bites can only be done early in life, reducing the risk of damage to the teeth. By undergoing corrective work early, you reduce the risk of your child needing jaw surgery or possible extraction of healthy permanent teeth.

During your child’s initial consultation, you may discover that your child is one of the lucky ones who needs no work at all. In the event they do need braces, an early consultation with the specialists at Orthodontist Select will ensure your child’s healthy development is optimized in both the short term and for life.