Foods That are Safe for Braces

If you are deciding on starting orthodontic treatment, you have taken an important step in enhancing your smile and creating a more pleasant and positive appearance.  Not only do braces help with teeth straightening, but they also help prevent tooth decay and other oral health problems. But for braces to do their work, they must be properly cared for. Since we are close to the start of Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season, the specialists at Orthodontist Select (Frisco, Allen, McKinney) want to take some time and offer guidance on the different foods that you should eat and those to avoid while wearing braces. Certain foods are well suited for individuals who have braces, as compared to crunchy or sticky foods that can may cause damage to your braces and wires. So what types of foods should you consume to protect your braces?

As a general rule, the best foods to consume while wearing braces are those which are not high in sugar and not hard or chewy.  For example breakfast can include eggs, bacon, wheat bread or oatmeal. For snacks, try substituting a banana instead of an apple, a cup of yogurt instead of chips or nuts. For an after-school snack, try a pita bread with salsa and guacamole or string cheese with fruit.

For dinner, you can enjoy a variety of cooked vegetables, just as long as they are soft.  Pair that with your choice of favorite lean meats including fish or chicken, and follow up with a dessert that is not crunchy or sticky. Just be sure to brush after every meal.

Post-Brace Tightening Foods

As your braces start to adjust the alignment of your teeth, you will visit the orthodontist periodically to tighten your braces. After these visits, you may experience mild soreness and sensitivity to certain foods. During this period, it’s recommended that you eat soft foods. These can include:

  • pudding
  • mashed potatoes
  • soup
  • ice cream
  • cottage cheese
  • peas
  • pancakes
  • pasta

Foods to Avoid

Per the American Dental Association (ADA), people who wear braces should should avoid excessive snacking and should aim to eat a healthy and balanced diet. It is also important to avoid foods that could cause damage to the braces, such as:

  • hard or chewy candies
  • gum
  • nuts
  • popcorn
  • certain raw vegetables (for example, carrots)


To ensure the best orthodontic results, it is important to keep the areas between your teeth and around your braces very clean.  This means brushing and flossing after meals to prevent the build-up of plaque and decay. Not only can failing to do so damage the teeth, but it may also cause discoloration. Therefore, by closely following the instructions of your orthodontist, consuming foods that are safe for braces and keeping up with oral hygiene, you are doing everything you can to ensure the best possible results of your orthodontic treatment.

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