Nowadays, many adults have realized the benefits of having a great smile, but many hesitate getting braces due to their appearance.  Well, if you’re an adult looking to get braces, times have definitely changed. There are so many options that make the process easy and discreet.

Traditional Braces

New types of braces are much more comfortable and discrete due to their various white and clear color and designs. Braces are usually comprised of three parts:

1) The bracket attachment on each tooth.

2) The material which bonds the bracket to the tooth.

3) The Archwire, which is a part of the mechanism that uses force to move the teeth. It is usually a thin wire which strings from one wire to another.

Nowadays, braces are made of thin wires and ceramic. This adds to their discrete quality than the former types.


Invisalign straightens the teeth without the need for brackets and wires, which adds to its comfort and discreetness.

Invisalign is designed with a series of clear and removable aligners which a person wears all day.  Each set of aligner moves your teeth ever so closely to their desired position.  This offers much more freedom than braces as they can be removed anytime you want to brush your teeth, eat, drink or otherwise.

What are adults looking for?

The feature most adults crave for most is convenience, comfort and discreetness. So if you’re looking to have your smile corrected, visit an Orthodontist Select doctor. We are specialists in Orthodontic treatment as well as Invisalign.