After surveying 2,000 adults, a Harris Interactive study discovered that only 19 percent of those asked would seek a second opinion for a medical diagnosis. Out of these 2,000 adults, 6 percent would get a second opinion before undergoing an orthodontic procedure. However, when it comes to major home repairs, an overwhelming 53 percent of respondents would get another quote, and 37 percent of people would get a second estimate for an automobile repair.

Here are some reason why getting a second opinion from one of the doctors at Orthodontist Select is a good idea:

Benefit from the latest technologies

You may think you know all about orthodontic treatment with braces. But unless you’ve had orthodontic treatment through one of our doctors, you may not realize the advances in orthodontic technology that have taken place in the last few years. Our orthodontists and support staff are up on the latest techniques in orthodontics and will help you get the treatment you need.

Alternative Options for Treatment

Braces are not as unpleasant as they once were. New braces technology makes braces and other methods of straightening teeth that are much less noticeable and less painful, as well. The specialists at Orthodontist Select will ensure that you have the best teeth straightening possible for your individual case. Plus, we will strive to keep your braces discreet and as comfortable as possible. If you are an adult, you’ll appreciate gaining a more beautiful smile without the metal mouth look of days gone by.

Leader in Clear Braces and Invisalign

The doctors at Orthodontist Select are among the leading providers of Invisalign in Frisco, McKinney and Allen, Texas. Even if your bite issues are complex, we can offer an invisible option for you. In the past, if your bite was off or your teeth needed more serious straightening, only metal braces could be used to correct the problem. Now, we can use Invisalign to give your mouth that straight, stunning smile of which you’ve always dreamed.

Relationships are Key

Once you and your orthodontist have decided upon the correct course of action, you’ll be spending a significant amount of time in our office over the next few months. Our orthodontic team is all about building positive relationships. When you come in for your free second opinion appointment, you’ll be able to meet our professional team of specialists and get a good idea of whether you will be comfortable with us. We strive for an excellent relationship with our patients that reduce anxiety as well as give you the best treatment available.

We are specialists

It’s time to make the right call and seek an orthodontist that is truly a specialist in their field and has the best interest of you and your child in mind.  The independent doctors who have all been certified as specialists by Orthodontist Select are here to offer you high quality treatment for a lasting, beautiful smile.  They offer complimentary consultations with no referral required at any of their locations. Orthodontist Select certified practices treat families in the Frisco, McKinney, Allen and surrounding neighborhoods.

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