Recently, a few of our Orthodontic patients in Frisco, Allen and McKinney have asked about a new teeth straightening system which only takes six months. There are two main companies that specialize in short-term braces: Six Month Smiles, and PowerProx Six Month Braces. The growing fad of these so called “quick treatments” is rapidly increasing every year, but as amazing as it sounds, you have to ask yourself, how does it really work? Can it fix your teeth in only six months? How many people have been successfully treated and are the final results comparable to a full orthodontics treatment? Below, we will go over these six-month teeth straightening secrets and decide together if they’re the real deal or just a short-term fad.

Do These Treatments Really Provide the Same Results?

Most people are amazed at how much their smile can improve in as little as six months, but are left in the dark on what is actually happening to their mouths. Instead of fixing many of the dental problems you may be facing, these six-month smile systems straighten the teeth that are most noticeable and that’s it. They don’t fix the underlying issues that may result in larger problems down the line. Overall, an incomplete treatment and an unhealthy approach to straightening teeth. Orthodontists that specialize in regular braces not only work on straightening teeth, but treat cross bites, open bites, and under bites just to name a few.

But How Can They Offer Such a Short Treatment Time?

Everyone’s teeth are different. Treatment must be tailored to meet the needs of each individual. True, some people can complete their treatment in six months or less with stellar results, but this is not the case for everybody. The short time-frame advertised by Six Month Smiles is well suited for patients who do not need a lot of work done in the first place. They most likely already have a normal bite and need only mild spacing fixes. For this type of low intensity problem, short term treatments may be effective – they take less time and are usually less expensive.

But for patients with larger dental problems, these short-term treatments are not an effective option at all. Simply aligning the front teeth will not fix their problems and may even make matters worse. This is true for those with overbites, open bites, deep bites, crowding, or other bite issues. Small overbites can become larger with incomplete treatment. Open bites can open further and crowded teeth can begin to flare forward if they are just aligned. Opting for cheaper, noncomprehensive treatment will just make matters worse.

The field of orthodontics is determining what treatment is best for what patient. Only orthodontists have the training and knowledge to be able to recognize when a case really can be treated in six months. So yes, dentists can offer treatment in six months, but patients will often need to return for additional treatment. This means a longer and more expensive process down the road.

Is This Treatment Really Cheaper?

Dentists advertise the Six Month Smiles treatment for less money than full orthodontics treatment. On average, the cost comes to roughly 75% of the cost of full orthodontic treatment. Of course, this sounds cheaper, until you look closer. The average orthodontic treatment takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months to complete. If a six-month treatment costs as much as 75% of 12-month treatment, it is not a fair value. On top of all that, you will not receive full treatment, only the front teeth (aka the social six) are being moved. Therefore, you are getting an inferior deal for your money and the job is only partially done. Plus, if you are not completely satisfied with the way your teeth look, you will be right back in the orthodontist’s office setting an appointment for full treatment. You will end up paying more in the long term.

Orthodontists receive many more years of specialized training after dental school in order to become experts in moving teeth.  Therefore, a two-day class in straightening teeth does not make a dentist more qualified or faster than an orthodontist. Remember that your mouth is a complex system of teeth and gums. You only get one set of adult teeth, so you should do everything you can to take care of them. Do your research and ensure you get the right treatment the first time. And remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Let’s Review

  • Dentists that offer the Six Month Smiles treatment cannot provide the same comprehensive treatment as orthodontists.
  • The same type of braces is used in both traditional orthodontics and the short-term treatments.
  • Treatment time is only shorter because the treatment is not comprehensive; only the front teeth are moved.
  • Short-term solutions are not cheaper than full treatment options.
  • Your Smile is Important. Choose a Specialist!

Getting Started

It’s time to make the right call and seek an orthodontist that is truly a specialist in their field and has the best interest of you and your child in mind.  The independent doctors who have all been certified as specialists by Orthodontist Select are here to offer you high quality treatment for a lasting, beautiful smile.  They offer complimentary consultations with no referral required at any of their locations. Orthodontist Select certified practices treat families in the Frisco, McKinney, Allen and surrounding neighborhoods.

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