As we enter a new year, many of us are reflecting over how to live healthier. If you’ve made the resolution to take better care of your smile and overall oral health, a specialist from Orthodontist Select can help you achieve your goals.

As your insurance resets, now is the perfect time to make an appointment with your orthodontist, who can show you many different options to get a healthier and more beautiful smile. Understandably, many people are slightly confused when it comes to the topic of orthodontia. There are many new types of treatments available, so your options aren’t limited to the old metal brackets.

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Better Orthodontic Treatment Is Here

Previously, one of the few options available for orthodontic treatment were bulky metal brackets. But those days are gone. There are now many new and improved treatments you can take advantage of to improve the appearance of your smile. The doctors at Orthodontist Select are professionals with years of experience and they will take the time to discuss various treatment options available to you.

Differences Between Traditional Braces and Invisalign

Traditional braces use metal brackets that bond directly to your teeth. As they’re the most durable type of treatment, they’re also the most popular option among patients seeking orthodontic treatment. But many adults want an option that is less visible, which is an advantage that porcelain brackets provide.

Those interested in a completely clear option can consider clear aligners or Invisalign, which have gotten a lot more popular in recent times. The treatment involves an orthodontist taking impressions of your teeth, then making clear retainers that are applied to them. Clear removable retainers are changed on a regular basis by the orthodontist during the duration of your treatment.

Let an Orthodontist Show You All Your Options

When it comes to orthodontics, every patient will have unique needs and preferences. An orthodontist has the knowledge and experience to help you decide which type of treatment is the most optimal for your situation. The orthodontist will help you understand how each type of treatment works, the results you can expect from it, as well as the associated costs. This will provide you with the information you need to make a more educated choice.

If you’re ready to improve your oral health and the look of your smile, get in touch with a Frisco orthodontist today and reshape your smile in 2018!

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It’s time to make the right call and seek an orthodontist that is truly a specialist in their field and has the best interest of you and your child in mind.  The independent doctors who have all been certified as specialists by Orthodontist Select are here to offer you high quality treatment for a lasting, beautiful smile.  They offer complimentary consultations with no referral required at any of their locations. Orthodontist Select certified practices treat families in the Frisco, McKinney, Allen and surrounding neighborhoods.

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