Orthodontic treatment is best provided by a specialist…

The statement above is rooted in fact, and there is no better example than the story of Invisalign and how they changed the public’s perception about affordable orthodontics.  Quality, affordable orthodontics had been provided for 100 years by trained specialists using clear braces, silver braces, colored braces, you name it.  Orthodontists had the tools and the training to perform amazing things with smiles, but the computer age had left the specialty alone until 1998.

In that year, Invisalign launched their service to the specialty of orthodontics and the general or family dentist was restricted from even using it.  Only orthodontic specialists were allowed to move teeth with the clear aligners provided by Invisalign – after their technicians first moved the teeth per the orthodontists’ instructions.  This is how Invisalign functioned for a few years- only orthodontists using their CAD-CAM system were privy to use Invisalign to straighten teeth.

The techs became very proficient at using the software which was extremely complex and rooted in 3D animation.  Very few individuals had the computer power or skill to even consider doing the digital work themselves.  The technician services were originally outsourced to India and then later to Costa Rica and all of their actions were directed by the orthodontists, even with the language barrier that exists then (and still does today).

Fast forward to the present day.  Once general dentists were allowed to use the system in the early 2000’s, Invisalign began advertising directly to the public, and the patients began to ask their family dentist about the service.  It was a perfect marriage between the primary dental care provider- the family dentist- and now a publicly traded company- Align Technology- that was focusing its business on profits.  The lines had been blurred between family dentist and orthodontic specialist.  Who should provide the treatment?

Steps in wearing invisalign

With a marketing budget in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Invisalign has succeed at  blurring the lines on who the orthodontic care provider should be.  But the reality is that the family dentist is excellent at providing basic dental care such as cleanings and fillings, but is ill-suited to provide orthodontic care.  Don’t let the marketing people decide who should care for your smile.

Invisalign is an excellent product that changed the way orthodontics is packaged and delivered.  But that was in the 1990’s.  You and your family deserve modern solutions driven by specialists, not by an offsite technician who is relying on directions provided by a family or general practice dentist with minimal understanding of tooth movement.  An orthodontic specialist is best trained, and expert, at providing orthodontic care.

Choose a specialist!  Whether you need basic tooth movement which can be done with clear aligners like Invisalign, or more complex treatment that may require braces (clear braces, metal braces, colored braces, lingual braces, etc), a specialist is your best choice.  And for kids age 7-12 who may require dentofacial orthopedics (phase one or early treatment), an orthodontic specialist has thousands of hours of training and practice to help develop that growing smile unlike any other provider.

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