Braces are one of those things that, though quite commonplace, can tend to be surrounded by a bit of mystery, and lots of questions regarding the process. If you’ve been told you or your child need braces, it’s good to have a solid understanding of what the process of getting braces actually looks like and entails. It’s really not that mysterious, and it’s probably a lot easier than you anticipated. Here is what you can expect when you get braces with the Frisco Orthodontic specialists at Orthodontist Select.

1. Getting to know you

We love each and every one of our patients. We also know that each of our Frisco orthodontist patients are unique in so many ways. This means that we don’t do a one-size-fits-all treatment. We can’t. It wouldn’t work to treat someone with a slight under-bite the same way as someone with a severe overbite. So, we sit down with you and chat. We ask questions about the results you’d like to achieve, and any issues you’ve been having. We know you can be your own worst critic, and might overstate certain flaws, but we still listen to the qualities about your smile that you’d like to change. Once we get everything down on paper, we start to move forward with achieving those desired results.

2. Say “cheese”

In order to know how to move forward, we need to know exactly where you are now. That’s why we take plenty of x-rays and photographs to document the root causes of any issues you’re having. X-rays will show us any underlying issues that may need to be addressed before orthodontic treatment can move forward, and give us a clear picture of how your individual teeth work together to give you the smile you currently have.

The traditional photographs we take not only give us a benchmark to compare your progress to, but also help identify any issues with the visible surfaces of your teeth that we need to address. Once we’ve identified all actionable issues, we can decide on the best treatment road-map and the best brace system to use to achieve the most positive results.

3. The day is here

Once we know more about your mouth than you ever thought possible, and we’ve selected the best treatment plan for you, it’s time to put that plan into action. All of the measurements, x-rays, and photographs we took previously will allow us to create a completely personalized appliance that is just right for your mouth. If you have traditional or ceramic brackets applied, we will apply an adhesive to the surface of your teeth so the brackets stay put for the duration of your treatment. Once you’ve gotten your braces, all that’s really left to do is wait.

4. A little to the left…

Well, waiting is not all you’ll be doing while you have your braces. Occasionally, we’ll also need to adjust your wires, or provide you with a new Invisalign tray. This occurs because your teeth begin to shift due to the slight pressure placed on them by the braces. Even though you may experience some slight discomfort when you first have your braces adjusted, just see it as being one step closer to the smile you’ve always wanted.

5. The finish line

Finally, after all the planning, patience, and hard work, you have reached the end of your treatment! If you have been using brackets, they will be removed and your teeth will be cleaned. For all the time you’ve been waiting to be done with your treatment, it’s still not completely finished.

You will receive a retainer to ensure your teeth stay put exactly as the braces positioned them. You’ll also visit with your orthodontist two or three more times over the course of the next year so they can check on your progress. Other than that, though, you’ve now achieved that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Congratulations!

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