Many people desire that perfect smile with an even row of pearly whites. The teeth straightening market continues to grow each year as demand looms. However, determining the proper straightening method and provider can be a confusing process. You should consider consulting an orthodontist for your teeth straightening needs rather than a dentist.

The ultimate decision to straighten your teeth should be made after considering the costs, methods and skill level of the provider. Many dentists have widened their practices to offer more specialized procedures in addition to the regular services they provide. Therefore, teeth straightening, though it is an orthodontic treatment, has been recently offered by many dentist offices.

While it may seem convenient to have your teeth straightened in the dentist’s office an orthodontist is advisable for the following reasons:

Orthodontics Training:

Orthodontists received the same dental education as dentists before specializing in orthodontics. Orthodontists go through a lengthy residency program to gain competency in the field of orthodontics. This residency is in addition to the dental education dentists receive. The Orthodontics residency programs are usually between two and three years duration. During their residency programs orthodontists are supervised by other skilled orthodontists as they perform orthodontic procedures. Prior to completing the orthodontics residency program and going on to their own practice orthodontists work 40+ hour work weeks honing their skills.

The Orthodontics Specialization:

The teeth straightening process could cost you thousands of dollars. You should consider this an investment in your teeth. Before making such an investment in this treatment you should be certain it is performed by a professional with the most appropriate training. Afterall, you wouldn’t ask a podiatrist to perform a back surgery, would you? Though dentists and orthodontists are both trained professionals, one of them has specialized training and the other one does not. Orthodontists are specialists in the area of orthodontics. Although dentists are competent providers in general dentistry they lack the appropriate specialization. The orthodontics specialization takes years of preparation, training and hands-on experience through an official residency program. If you want a quality return on the investment you plan to make in straightening your teeth, you need an orthodontist.

Undeniable Expertise:

Orthodontists are experienced in a variety of orthodontic procedures and treatments. Their knowledge encompasses a variety of methods, techniques and technological advances in their field. A number of techniques may be used to straighten teeth such as braces, veneers or Invisalign. A dentist may be ill-equipped to explain the targeted benefits of a given teeth straightening method. In fact, a dentist may decide to only offer one method as an extra to their normal services. Therefore, the patient may not be aware of all their options. However, an orthodontist has expertise concerning teeth straightening. The orthodontist will be able to go over all available methods as well as the pros and cons related to your specific case.

The success of some teeth straightening techniques may be hindered by other factors as well. An orthodontist is fully apprised of the factors that can affect the success of the teeth straightening process. Therefore, orthodontists are better prepared to discover and correct the negative factors. For instance, orthodontists are able to assess jaw alignment issues that often hinder successful teeth straightening. Orthodontists also consider other factors that could result in a misalignment of the teeth after treatment as well. They then use their expertise to develop a treatment plan that is designed to straighten teeth initially and keep them straight for the years after. Orthodontists offer more efficient teeth straightening.

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