For most people, the month of October is one of change. Autumn has had time to officially set in now. The leaves on the trees are all changing colors and will eventually disappear. You may find that it’s time to start unpacking heavier coats and other warm apparel in preparation for the coming cold weather.

But for the doctors at Orthodontist Select, October means something just a bit more specific to us. That’s because October is officially known as National Orthodontic Health Month. During this time, orthodontists from all across the country work together to promote healthy teeth and beautiful smiles through proper oral care. Our specialists like to do their part to inform the local community about the important work involved in quality orthodontic care.

Orthodontists and a variety of other dental care professionals came together to create the campaign of awareness that would later become National Orthodontic Health Month. During this special time, we increase our efforts to promote the value of orthodontic treatment. In so doing, we encourage our community to take an active role by asking all of the questions they may have regarding best practices in orthodontics. It’s a perfect time to get information on the variety of services offered, some which you may not have known to be available.

Those of us in the Orthodontics profession also benefit by being able to connect with members of our community. October and the awareness campaign are a great excuse to get to know more about the practice, especially if you’ve not yet been to an Orthodontist before. Taking care of your teeth is a professional duty, but it can also be a very personal one. Getting to know some of the orthodontist specialists in your area can give you an idea of the team with which you’ll be dealing, and possibly get more comfortable with us as well.

The relaxed atmosphere that surrounds Orthodontics Health Month can be particularly helpful for the kids in your family. They may not understand much about Orthodontics yet or are afraid of having their teeth examined for the first time. This response is typical; even adults often feel anxiety during their first visit!  But meeting with the Orthodontist Select team will go a long way toward putting your mind at ease – in fact, we’re here to tell you that Orthodontics can be a fun experience for the whole family.

So let’s celebrate National Orthodontics Health month together!  Take a bit of time and schedule a consultation with one of our doctors.

We definitely hope to see you and yours this October!

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