Our Mission:  OrthodontistSELECT exists to educate and inform our neighbors and friends about the differences that exist between dental care providers. Patients should be well-informed so they can make the best decision for their family's unique orthodontic care needs.

Why Choose an Orthodontist SELECT Doctor?

Orthodontic care is best provided by a specialist. As someone seeking orthodontic services, you should be are aware of the different types of dental practices that exist.

Family dentists are superb at everything from cleaning teeth to filling cavities, but they’re poorly equipped to provide quality orthodontics. And corporate offices that have orthodontic specialists on staff may be more focused on profit than results. Neither of these options puts the orthodontic needs of the patient—you—at the center of what they do.

But an orthodontic specialty practice is expert at correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. A quality orthodontic practice focuses on health before profits. Thankfully, our community is lucky to have many OrthodondistSELECT practices.

OrthodontistSELECT practices are dedicated to serving the community where we live. All of our member practices are privately owned—not a franchise of some large corporation. It’s our commitment to serving our neighbors, our specialized training in orthodontics, and our one-on-one experience with people that makes the difference between what we offer and what can be found at other kinds of dental practices.

We are specialists. You won’t find general dental services at our practices. That’s because we only hire team members with specific orthodontic training and skills. Our entire practice, from the people we hire to the facility where we work to the supplies we use, is set up to provide orthodontics exclusively. We have all graduated from dental school and then received an additional 2-3 years’ of specialized training in Orthodontics. We are all members of the only accredited orthodontic specialty group—the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)—and we follow their guidelines on professionalism and service, including regularly attending courses and seminars to keep up on the latest orthodontic techniques.

We enjoy the work that we do every day because we love interacting with our patients. We strive to make you comfortable by informing and educating you about your choices, and by making sure our offices are modern and convenient.

Choose an OrthodontistSELECT practice when it’s time to find an orthodontic care provider. Our specialty care will provide your family with smiles that will last a lifetime.